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Mosab Pooya Co. Started it's activities on 2011 for presenting Engineering, Industrial, Construction and Optimization services. Due to high performance and quality of our manufactured equipment and machines and finished projects; Our company has been considered in Vendor List of many high level companies such as Iranian Ghadir Iron & Steel Co, Fakoor Sanat Tehran Co, Aliazh Joosh Iran Co, Kavosh Joosh Co & etc.

Work field and capabilities

According to the knowledge and experience, Mosab Pooya can make great contributions in the field of manufacturing equipment and following services:

Engineering Services: Engineering design, formulation of construction methods and processes, preparation of industrial drawings and production of Shop Drawings, manufacture of industrial parts and equipment.

Material transfer systems and equipment:Types of conveyors, screw conveyors, chain conveyors, elevator buckets, rotary valves, roller tables, shots, ducts, rotary feeders, serends and feeders.

Metal structures: Industrial and construction.

Optimization: Repairs, modification and performance improvement of industrial devices.

Magnetic separator equipments: Block magnet, plate magnet, overband magnet, wet magnet drum, dry magnet drum.

Implementation: Carrying out electrical and mechanical installation and implementation projects.

Our Services

The projects of Mosab Pooya company in the field of manufacturing equipment and industrial machinery and material transfer lines for steel, cement, mining, oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

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With commitment to the price, time and quality of equipment manufacturing and the integration of engineering knowledge and experience of its managers in the industry, from the stage of technical analysis and price tenders to the stage of manufacturing and quality control of the manufactured equipment, Mosab Pooya Company has been able to achieve the highest level of satisfaction and customer orientation in comparison with other competitors.

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